Sealing solutions for the food industry

The requirements of the food industry are constantly increasing. This also applies to the production of product-compliant packaging. The prerequisite for this are innovative production and packaging machines that have to cope with demanding everyday production. As it is so often the case, it's the little things that have an enormous task. Innovative sealing solutions, a company focus of Seal Concept GmbH, ensure a stable production process.

The food industry is the third largest branch of industry in Germany and is subject to enormous dynamism. Seal Concept GmbH has been designing, producing and delivering modern sealing systems that meet the highest requirement profiles for many years. Whether in the sector of beverage filling machines and complete production units, in canning, centrifuges, separators or heat exchangers. Seal Concept, as a competent, flexible partner, has impressive market shares. Also in production units for dairies, e.g. Sealing solutions from Seal Concept GmbH can be found, e. In meat and sausage production, filling systems for liquids and sauces, machines for mincing meat and filling systems for sausage and meat emulsion are equipped with the appropriate seals from Seal Concept GmbH. The bakery trade also relies on reliable sealing solutions from specialists for its machines for baking and dough dosing, kneading machines, cake filling machines as well as water mixing and dosing systems. And packaging machines for dry bulk goods such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt and spices are equipped with sealing systems made of appropriate materials for efficient everyday production.

A wide variety of materials are available for the production of sealing systems - depending on the area of application. Of course, all materials have the necessary approvals and food conformity.

Depending on the requirement profile, the required seals can be produced in-house within a few days. The production output ranges from single pieces to large series. It goes without saying that all aspects of hygiene, cleanability, temperature resistance and functionality are observed. The use of non-toxic materials has long been a basic benefit for seals in the food industry.

In addition to high chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals and cleaning methods, sealing solutions used in this sensitive industry must also be resistant to the high temperatures that are unavoidable during cleaning and sterilization. Exceptional friction and wear properties are important.

Hygiene is a focus topic. The strictest conditions oblige all those involved in the process as well as supplier companies to comply with the tightly regulated provisions and to work continuously on optimization.
The risk of microbial contamination from undercuts that cannot be sterilized is high. Seal Concept GmbH eliminates this risk with a special design. The Seal Concept pays strong attention to creating easy-to-clean and easy-to-sterilize surfaces that can easily cope with the increased cleaning and sterilization requirements.

Sealing systems from Seal Concept GmbH can optionally be equipped with interesting additional properties: With a high-tech CO2 laser labeling system, the production of laser-signed seals is possible. This achieves permanent and material-friendly labeling on an area of up to 75 x 75 mm. Engraving multi-line, alphanumeric information, graphics, symbols and logos is not a problem. This laser signature can be used to identify the manufacturing parameters of every seal manufactured by Seal Concept, which ensures quick assignment and simplifies tracing.

Seal Concept GmbH is confronted with many requirements on a daily basis, which must be met quickly, reliably and competently in order to guarantee customers economical production processes. Three current examples in the food and pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Friction-Reduced Sealing Elements
    (->Strippers for packaging machines to seal transport pushers and grippers)
  2. Rotary Seals for Packaging and Bottling Lines
    (-> bearing protection for transport shafts, e.g. in dough processing -> seal for knife shafts, for cutting and portioning e.g. frozen goods, meat)
  3. Aseptic Complete Pistons as Dosing Pistons
    (-> filling and dosing of liquid, pasty or powdery substances such as cosmetics, beverages)
Friction-Reduced Sealing Elements

The challenges lie in the fact that both dry running and high speeds as well as combined swiveling/lifting movements must be taken into account or ensured. A low-friction design is absolutely necessary in order not to endanger the stable production process. In addition, the seals must Off-the-shelf wipers cannot be used here because they are too stiff and usually do not meet FDA or hygiene requirements.

The solution:

The long experience in the industry, the competence and the specialization of Seal Concept GmbH make it possible to respond individually to customer needs and to develop and implement special designs specific to the customer. Aspects such as long service life, hygienic design (-> liquid runs from -> Prevention of sink formation) as well as selected materials - all FDA/EU-compliant - are met to the highest degree.

Rotary Seals for Packaging and Bottling Lines

Dry running, pressure resistance, the consideration of special cleaning processes, the functionality of a low-friction design as well as the FDA/EU conformity of the materials are the focus of the development and implementation of an adequate solution. In this case, individualization is unavoidable, since conventional Shaft seals neither comply with FDA nor with a hygienic design and are therefore unsuitable for this high requirement profile.

The solution:

Seal Concept GmbH is known for individual solution concepts and developed a special construction for the customer, tailored to his range of requirements, which withstands parameters such as long service life and high loads through various cleaning processes. All selected materials are a matter of course FDA/EU compliant.

Aseptic Complete Pistons as Dosing Pistons

In systems that are a bit outdated - with all the signs of material fatigue - the dosing pistons no longer meet the conditions of a modern production process by a long way. In this case, the hygiene requirements in particular can no longer be adequately taken into account. Difficult cleaning processes are required in this sensitive industry the agenda. Fulfilling this is a basic benefit.

The solution:

After examining the situation, the solution to the problem was clear: complete aseptic pistons, which as dosing pistons for filling and dosing are able to cover the range of requirements. Since Seal Concept also has a high level of expertise in this area, it quickly became clear that that the suitable version without a steel spring and the customer-specific special design must be free of dead space in order to be suitable for different installation spaces. The fact that the respective materials are FDA/EU-compliant is a standard.

Innovative power, a sense of responsibility, flexibility, a high degree of individualization and maximum professional competence are essential conditions for working with the highly sensitive food industry. All these aspects, in addition to enormous clout, are part of the lived corporate culture of Seal Concept GmbH companies are able to develop and implement individual sealing solutions for every production and packaging machine in the shortest possible time. This creates sustainable and future-oriented partnerships.
And therein lies the meaning of the daily work.