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We can handle pressure.

With over 15,000 different seals, your is definitely included. We not only have a large stock, but we also have knowledgeable consultants who can help you choose the right seal.

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7 good reasons

Why Seal Concept is the right partner for you.

  • Outstanding Stock Availability
  • Competent advice and service
  • Training by our technicians
  • Technical support for projects
  • Webshop of the latest standard
  • Fast delivery
  • Aston Seals Dealers
Customized solutions

Assembled Seal Kits

The short-term production of sealing set components in-house Laser inscriptions of all kinds for individual seals: For you, we engrave multi-line alphanumeric information, graphics, symbols and logos permanently and gently using a CO² laser.

konfektionierte dichtsaetze

Our competence in the creation and assembly of customer-specific sealing kits including applications includes, for example:

  • The provision of a large number of individual components for the short-term assembly of seal sets
  • The creation of customer-specific gasket sets, so that you, as a customer, always receive the same gasket set
  • Customer-specific warehousing and packaging, including logo and article numbers
  • The short-term production of sealing kit components in-house

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