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Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and forestry companies have a special responsibility to manage the living area given to them in an environmentally sustainable, responsible, and efficient manner. On the other hand, few other industries are as directly and heavily reliant on the evolution of climatic and weather conditions. Effectiveness here refers to the ability to operate steadily and efficiently within a given time limit. Today's agricultural and forestry employ multifunctional large-scale equipment in a wide range of working situations, requiring the highest levels of dependability, durability, and economy. This sense of duty must be shared by all suppliers.

We live up to it

  • with inexpensive standard products of the best quality and well-known certified suppliers
  • with fast availability even with large purchase quantities
  • with customized solution concepts
Application examples
Problem Combination of several hydraulic functions in one compact block
Framework Conditions Customer specification Pmax/ Qnenn, function sequences
Solution Concept Special block according to customer installation space
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