No hydraulics without pressure.

Hydraulics is one of the most important key technologies in our assiduous world. Without hydraulics, everything stands still, whether transport on water, on land or in the air. Industrial production without hydraulics is simply unthinkable. A hydraulic pump always runs in the drives of mobile machines and vehicles.

We are your strong hydraulics partner:

  • Easy ordering system and short response times
  • Competent advice and fast deliveries
  • Development, planning and design and production of individual compact units and hydraulic integrated circuits
  • Own unit construction on site
  • Large and well stocked warehouse for hydraulic components

Power alone does not move much. Those who can steer and dose it get the most out of their power.

Quality valves (including those from the Bosch Rexroth Group for the mobile and industrial markets) and more than 3,500 hydraulic components are in stock and ready to ship. We provide conversion of third-party manufacturers' items to Seal Concept products as well as all- around expert guidance - both on- site and over the phone. All aspects of the project, including planning, documentation, and test bench operation, are handled in-house. When it comes to spare parts service and hydraulic component maintenance, we also uphold the highest standards. Since these are sent rapidly, you will have fewer downtimes.


Certified excellence since 2021
Partner of Bosch Rexroth

Dealer for compact hydraulics

rexroth certificate

We are official Marzocchi sales partner Germany.

We use Marzocchi gear pumps, which were founded in Bologna in 1949 by the brothers Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi. The company has been able to build its market share and secure a great reputation in the industry through continual research and development work and a high degree of flexibility in reference to quickly changing market requirements. Production is solely carried out in Italy, from which the multiple- accredited company offers a vast market with high-quality items made with huge innovative strength, social responsibility, and environmental awareness.

We can also offer alternatives to manufacturers' gear pumps Casappa, Sauer, Sauer-Bibus, Kracht, Roquet, Bosch- Rexroth, Lamborghini, HPI, Turolla, Parker, Linde, EATON, HYDAC, Italy, Salami offer uw.

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