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Thanks to our many years of engineering knowledge and greater usage of our high-quality valves. We offer highly compact solutions that are perfectly adapted to customer requirements for a working pressure of up to 700 bar and a flow rate of up to 400 l/min.

Pressure Valves

ventiltechnik druckventile

Shut off valve

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Flow control valve

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Directional control valve

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Proportioning valve

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New Solenoid Concept

The new generation of solenoid valve cartridges and coils :

Bosch Rexroth solenoid valve cartridges – the standardized solution to meet the latest market requirements.

new solenoid concept
Details at a glance:
  • Diameter expansion from 12.7mm to 16mm - on all magnet tubes
  • Standardization of the coil types through uniformly round D36 magnet coils
  • Huge performance improvement: Leakage: max 5 drops/minute
  • Max. ambient temperature 90 °C
  • Voltage range +/- 15% of nominal voltage
  • Perfect interchangeability ⇒ due to identical bores as previous versions
  • Easier and more flexible positioning ⇒ due to the new round shape (rotating the coil)
  • More compact design ⇒ more compact block configuration

The D36 solenoid coil is the basis of the New Solenoid Concept from Bosch Rexroth.


  • Optimized technical performance ⇒ wide range of applications
  • Robust design ⇒ Can be used in the latest environment without any problems
  • Coils exceed IP69K standard ⇒ testing under extreme vibration and temperature cycling conditions
  • Best suited for stable long-term operation
  • Resistance against corrosion - through complete plastic coating

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