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Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

Seals and plastics are subjected to extreme demands in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our experts build the best sealing solutions for your application using compatible materials based on an analysis of the unique field of application. Numerous criteria must be met:

  • High chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals and detergents;
  • High temperature resistance during cleaning and sterilization;
  • Best friction and wear properties with insufficient lubrication/dry running;
  • Special coloring of the seals (white/blue/red/nature) for early detection of abrasion particles in the product;
  • Special design to avoid undercuts that are difficult to sterilize (dead space-free), where there is a risk of microbial contamination;
  • Easy to clean and sterilize surfaces;
  • Compliance with a variety of national and international food laws and regulations for pharmaceutical use.

Seal Concept develops customized solutions for your production and packaging machines in the shortest possible time to ensure product compliance for pharmaceuticals , cosmetics, beverages, dairy products, meat and sausage products, pastries, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, spices, and a variety of other products. Individual products to large series are manufactured in-house in a matter of days. Of course, cleanability, sterilization, and hygienic design are all taken into consideration. To lift, lower, move, or simply hold weights, high hydraulic forces must frequently be transformed into linear movements. For this, the hydraulic cylinder is the most significant machine component, and cylinder construction is an essential component in mechanical engineering. The production procedures, as well as the procurement strategies of this business, are characterized by changing large series and one- off production. The sealing and guiding components used have a significant impact on the cylinder quality and power transmission. Seal Concept GmbH is your experienced partner in this area, providing superior components on schedule time.

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Application examples
Problem complicated reassembly of a cheese cooker lid seal after cleaning
Framework Conditions P: 1bar/ T: 80°C/ v: static previous seal EPDM black
Solution Concept Sealing profile with self-adjustment when closing the lid, material change in HPU with FDA approval, material resistant to cleaning solutions
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