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Mobile hydraulics

Mobile hydraulics is gradually moving into the industrial focus in our modern lives, where mobility and flexibility enable dynamic processes. This necessitates the deployment of location- independent power machines. Due to the obvious limited space in vehicles and machinery, machine components must be more compact in design - without sacrificing performance or safety. The provider must be well informed with the specific needs and safety regulations in order to reliably serve this creative, future- oriented area. This is the only method to ensure that every component of modern mobile hydraulics meets strict requirements. Customer- specific requirements necessitate optimum agility and adaptability.

This is how we meet this high standard:

  • Our experienced designers will work with you to develop the optimal solution concepts for your needs;
  • We supply patented safety components, e.g. for pipe rupture protection;
  • Hydraulic components are tested on our in-house test benches before being delivered, each based on your need profile. This is how we ensure that your process parameters are perfectly aligned;
  • We offer maximum delivery flexibility through high stock availability and a wide range of products.
Application examples (seals)
Problem Sealing a bearing shaft against environmental influences (earth, sand, water, ...) - increasing the service life
Framework conditions P: 15bar/ T: 30°C/ 120 U/min/ Medium Schmutz, Wasser
Solution concept Change in profile geometry and material (Red Super Polymer)
Application examples (hydraulics)
Problem Replacement/replacement of a drum ram control to a pressure sequence control on a paving machine
Framework conditions Installation space limitation / weight optimization / connection specification / component positioning according to customer requirements
Solution concept Change in profile geometry and material (Red Super Polymer)
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