Sealing elements for every requirement

No pressure without a gasket.

But every area of ​​application requires a corresponding sealing concept. Knowing the importance of technical laws, a lot of experience and unbroken innovative strength form the basis for the high quality of our sealing solutions in addition to our modern machinery. We develop, produce and sell for every requirement profile Gaskets and sealing systems made of different materials.

In addition to the dynamically used sealing elements, there are also sealing points in almost every application where there is no movement, but which still require sealing. In such cases, so-called static sealing elements are used. The most well-known static sealing element is the O- Ring. O-rings are usually manufactured in very large quantities, which has a very positive effect on the financial aspect.

NBR and FKM are used as standard materials in the production of O-rings.

In order to prevent gap extrusion, the size of the gap to be sealed in connection with the operating pressure is decisive for each seal. This is also the reason why O-rings made of NBR and FKM are very often protected with an anti-extrusion ring (back-up ring). If there is pressure from both sides - such as at the piston/piston rod connection - the protection of the O-ring must even be ensured by 2 support rings. During assembly, the installation of 3 sealing elements (in relatively wider Nut) necessary.

Static sealing elements made of polyurethane are a good alternative, since polyurethane is far less susceptible to gap extrusion. Our OP profile is available in the standard area, and the PS35 and RS35 profiles in rotary technology. For static sealing at For flanges, Seal Concept has the so-called SAE flange gaskets with the profile designation PFS in the standard range, in the area of ​​turned gaskets the profiles FLO2A and FLO2B are available.

As a partner who offers holistic solution concepts, we accompany our customers throughout the entire production process, starting with planning and development through to production, and are on hand with advice and action.