Seals in machines in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Anyone who works with the food and pharmaceutical industry must have the highest level of professional competence, responsibility and sensitivity. Seal Concept GmbH has a lot of experience in this area and is able to develop and implement individual sealing solutions for every production and packaging machine in the shortest possible time thanks to a company structure in which knowledge, effectiveness and flexibility are part of the corporate culture. This ensures the production of product-compliant packaging for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, beverages, dairy products, meat and sausage products, tea, pastries, coffee, sugar, salt, spices and much more. The production of the necessary seals can be realized in-house within a few days, both for individual pieces and for large series. The fulfillment of aspects such as cleanability, sterilization and hygienic design goes without saying.

For many years, Seal Concept GmbH has been known in the food and pharmaceutical industry as a competent partner who quickly and reliably meets the many particularly high requirements for seals and plastic parts.
On the one hand, sealing solutions used in these industries must have high chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals and cleaning methods - on the other hand, they must also be resistant to the high temperatures that occur during cleaning and sterilization are indispensable, must be guaranteed. Extraordinary friction and wear properties must also be taken into account. A special coloring of the seals (white/blue/red/natural) enables the wear particles to be identified at an early stage.

In these branches of industry, hygiene is an aspect that is of absolutely overriding importance. All companies and suppliers involved in the process are obliged by the strictest requirements to meet the tightly regulated conditions and to work continuously on optimization. The danger of microbacterial Contamination from undercuts that cannot be sterilized can be eliminated by a special shape.Seal Concept GmbH also pays strong attention to creating easy-to-clean and easy-to-sterilize surfaces with every new product development that can easily withstand increased cleaning and sterilization requirements and without long-term damage. The use of non-toxic materials for seals,which are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, is a basic requirement.

Many national and international food laws and regulations for pharmaceutical use regulate a responsible production process.

The food industry is the third largest branch of industry in Germany, and the pharmaceutical industry is also an important economic factor and employer. Both branches of industry are subject to enormous dynamism, which makes flexibility and a willingness to innovate absolutely necessary. Designed, produced and delivered for a wide variety of production machines Seal Concept GmbH modern sealing systems. In the pharmaceutical products and cosmetics sector, the focus is on filling and dosing machines as well as tablet presses, while in the beverage sector, the focus is on filling machines and complete production units, canning, centrifuges, separators and heat exchangers. Sealing solutions are also found in production units for dairies Seal Concept :
Production units for cheese, cooking systems for processed cheese, filling machines for margarine, butter, quark, yoghurt, fruit puree, homogenizers, milk separators, filling machines and pipelines work with individual sealing concepts from Seal Concept GmbH.

In the production of meat and sausage products, the reliability, performance and longevity of the technical systems and machines are just as important as in all the other branches of industry mentioned above equipped with the appropriate seal from Seal Concept. The bakery trade also relies on quality - and therefore for its machines for baking and dough dosing, kneading machines, cake filling machines as well as water mixing and dosing systems on seals from specialists. Even with packaging machines for dry bulk goods such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt or spices, Seal Concept takes on the task ofto manufacture sealing systems in the appropriate dimensions from appropriate materials.

Different materials are available for the production of sealing systems, the choice of material depends on its area of ​​application. Of course, all these materials have the necessary approvals and they all have one thing in common - their food conformity.