Between Requirement and Possibility

The market is constantly demanding - and thus constantly presents with new challenges. Medium-sized companies in particular need increased flexibility in order to do justice to this continuous process, since the available resources are limited and it must be integrated into the production process. Particular sensitivity and creativity are particularly required when the requirements do not relate to the immediate value chain (e.g. the provision of information) and that is seen by business partners and customers as a basic benefit (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001:2015).

But all of these measures, be it the expansion of the information-processing base of hardware and software or the associated provision of personnel, are associated with considerable costs. Costs that cannot be passed on to the product or services.

Intelligent corporate decisions are required here. An innovative company knows that standing still cannot be accepted in any area of ​​the company. Everything is subject to continuous further development, everything is always in motion. According to this agility, articles and article information must be treated equally in terms of their importance will.

The demands of the market regarding articles and article information are comprehensive. A wide range of products is faced with the amount of product information, a flexible product range with the maintenance and exchange of product information, the security of a fixed delivery program with flexibility in delivery readiness and compliance of delivery dates and the disclosure of manufacturer information is confronted with the protection of sources of supply.

Seal Concept GmbH reacts to this complex requirement profile by categorizing the article master into 3 categories:

  1. Products as an officially protected dealer
  2. Private Labels
  3. Miscellaneous and protected branded products

In categories 1 + 2 there is a fixed product assignment, in category 3 there is the possibility of flexibility in purchasing. In addition, categories 1 + 2 are characterized by immediate information maintenance, category 3 convinces with operative information procurement.

The advantages of this structure are obvious: In categories 1 + 2, customers and employees benefit from increased data security - and with significantly faster access times, while category 3 scores with increased flexibility. The Fixed and operative data maintenance results in a noticeably lower maintenance effort. This means that no unnecessary human resources are tied up.

Strong communication has always been anchored in Seal Concept's corporate philosophy because, even the best solutions and answers miss the point if they are not sufficiently communicated. Only then can everyone generate appropriate added value from them.