The intranet – a tool for quality assurance

Quality management includes all organizational measures that contribute to improving process quality. Quality management is equally important for products and services, as it has a decisive influence on the market position.

A large amount of internal and external information must be determined, analyzed, evaluated, documented and viewed in a coherent manner.

Seal Concept GmbH has increasingly been using its intranet platform for this purpose for several years. A software tool that is relatively easy to use makes it possible to design individual, database-supported applications quickly and flexibly according to the respective requirements.

To the simple material database, which was created as part of the REACH topic approx.
7 years ago and in which all relevant material parameters are recorded, many other applications have been added in the meantime.

Seal Concept GmbH manages its measuring equipment, the technical documentation of complaints and the internal suggestion system via the intranet. Supplier management with risk assessment and the management review also take place via the intranet.
For the field service it is an immediate communication tool to the company headquarters.

Due to changing requirement profiles and changes in the data structure, many applications have been adapted or linked to external data sources. The software tool allows for real-time assimilation without being dependent on external partners.

The simple Internet browser ensures that employees have central access to relevant information. This ensures a continuous flow of information in real time and complete transparency.