Low Friction Rotor Seals for Indexing Tables

Seal Concept GmbH develops, produces and sells seals and sealing systems made of a wide variety of materials for a wide variety of applications and has secured considerable market shares through the high quality of the sealing concepts and enormous innovative strength. Competence, experience and selected raw materials form the basis for this success. One of these outstanding materials is the high-performance plastic RedSuperPolymer RSP, which is considered the basis for high-quality, extraordinary sealing solutions.

Sealing profiles made of RedSuperPolymer RSP are considered the pinnacle of machined seals, as the high-performance material makes seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications noticeably more durable. RedSuperPolymer RSP has also proven itself in difficult application situations and is extremely suitable for the production of low-friction rotor seals, e.g. for rotary tables.

The rotary indexing tables are our customers' own constructions and are used in machining centers where up to 6 tables are used per machine. To prevent dirt, chips and cooling lubricant from penetrating the tables during the machining process, they are heated with approx . 0.3 - 0.5 bar compressed air is operated in the interior. The prerequisite for this is minimal friction of the rotary seals used and the maintenance of the internal pressure up to approx. 0.5 bar. At higher pressures, an overflow must take place - according to the principle of a non-return valve.

The sealing profiles made of RedSuperPolymer RSP from Seal Concept GmbH from Bobingen meet the requirements for low friction very well, which could be sufficiently proven in three test variants. This showed that the friction of these made of RedSuperPolymer (RSP) The sealing systems manufactured is so small that the tables can be turned by hand without any significant effort (at approx. 0.3 bar internal pressure).

At Seal Concept GmbH, perfectionism and error avoidance determine everyday life. Work is currently being done to eliminate even the slightest point of complaint, which is only expressed in a whistling sound, which the seals currently still produce at higher pressures. This whistling sound is caused by the natural resonance of the very thin lips. In order to eliminate this purely acoustic side effect, another variant with a slightly modified sealing lip geometry is now being tested.

There are currently 2 sizes of these rotary tables, which in the near future will only be equipped with sealing systems from Seal Concept GmbH. The PTEE profiles previously used, which cause much too high friction, will be replaced by the innovative lip seals made of RedSuperPolymer (RSP) replaced.
Due to the excellent friction values of the Seal Concept sealing systems, it will be possible to use much smaller drive motors for the tables in the future, which of course also means enormous savings potential.

Red Super Polymer
  • Filled, lubricated polyurethane > max. elasticity and mountability with low friction and minimal stick-slip
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Best temperature properties, especially in the low temperature range
  • Faster work cycles for more effectiveness
  • Increase in service life compared to conventional materials
  • Suitable for dry running
  • Excellent for use in high speed areas
  • Can be used in systems with air, water, water-oil mixtures and mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids
  • Enables special seal geometries for repair, smooth running and friction reduction