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Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

Seals and plastics are subjected to extreme demands in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our experts build the best sealing solutions for your application using compatible materials based on an analysis of the unique field of application. Numerous criteria must be met:

  • High chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals and detergents;
  • High temperature resistance during cleaning and sterilization;
  • Best friction and wear properties with insufficient lubrication/dry running;
  • Special coloring of the seals (white/blue/red/nature) for early detection of abrasion particles in the product;
  • Special design to avoid undercuts that are difficult to sterilize (dead space-free), where there is a risk of microbial contamination;
  • Easy to clean and sterilize surfaces;
  • Compliance with a variety of national and international food laws and regulations for pharmaceutical use.

Seal Concept develops customized solutions for your production and packaging machines in the shortest possible time to ensure product compliance for pharmaceuticals , cosmetics, beverages, dairy products, meat and sausage products, pastries, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, spices, and a variety of other products. Individual products to large series are manufactured in-house in a matter of days. Of course, cleanability, sterilization, and hygienic design are all taken into consideration. To lift, lower, move, or simply hold weights, high hydraulic forces must frequently be transformed into linear movements. For this, the hydraulic cylinder is the most significant machine component, and cylinder construction is an essential component in mechanical engineering. The production procedures, as well as the procurement strategies of this business, are characterized by changing large series and one- off production. The sealing and guiding components used have a significant impact on the cylinder quality and power transmission. Seal Concept GmbH is your experienced partner in this area, providing superior components on schedule time.

Application examples
Problem complicated reassembly of a cheese cooker lid seal after cleaning
Framework Conditions P: 1bar/ T: 80°C/ v: static previous seal EPDM black
Solution Concept Sealing profile with self-adjustment when closing the lid, material change in HPU with FDA approval, material resistant to cleaning solutions
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sealconcept zylinderbau

Cylinder construction

High hydraulic forces often have to be converted into linear movements in order to lift, lower, move or simply hold loads. The hydraulic cylinder is the decisive machine component for this and the cylinder construction is an important link in mechanical engineering. Changing large series and one-off production characterize the production processes and thus also the procurement strategies of this industry.The quality of the cylinders and the power transmission depends to a large extent on the sealing and guide components used.Seal Concept GmbH is your experienced partner for this, who reliably provides high-quality components at the desired time.

Many aspects must be considered in order to meet the needs of a dynamic, highly innovative industry.

We support
  • with a wide range of competitive standard products
  • with certified reliable partners and productions
  • with price sensitivity at high availability
  • as a flexible and experienced development partner from prototype to series production
  • with own design interpretations
Application examples
Problem Alternative for quick coupler locking from another supplier (installation space optimization)
Framework Conditions Installation space/ material specification of the piston rod/ P: 350bar/ Qmax: 30l/min
Solution Concept Special construction according to customer specifications installation space and material
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Maintenance should ensure that the functional condition of a machine - and thus its value - is retained for as long as possible. Minimizing downtimes is a basic benefit, as is finding a solution quickly in the event of a necessary repair. Fast and Problem-free interchangeability of components, adjustment of seals to changed installation spaces or solution concepts for the functional replacement of components that are no longer available are frequent challenges in after-sales service.

We live our service concept by
  • our in-house production ensures quick availability of application-specific parts
  • we offer you maximum flexibility with the stocking of storage components and a wide range of materials
  • our specialized employees will support you in finding a solution, if necessary also on site
Application examples
Problem Replacement for a standard seal that is no longer produced by another manufacturer, adaptation of installation space, provision at short notice
Framework Conditions Installation space, delivery within 3 days
Solution Concept Nut ring RS17 made of Red Super Polymer (service life increase)
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Technical Trading

The technical trade covers the daily needs of industry, trade and the public sector. It is an indispensable interface between the manufacturing industry all over the world and the professional user on site. Full-range suppliers and specialists alike can be found in this trade segment once again.

The range of products offered is enormous, the areas of application are sometimes very specific, the products are often very complex and require intensive advice and require trained specialist employees.

Here we see ourselves as a competent wholesale partner in a joint win-win strategy in a sensitive market and offer

  • Powerful sources of supply with flexible supply chains;
  • Attractive wholesale benefits;
  • Professional consulting and training competence;
  • Loyal and fair market partnership.
Application examples
Problem Retailer's own label / relabeling
Framework Conditions Label Default, Information Default
Solution Concept Customer-specific labeling already in goods issue at Seal Concept
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Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and forestry companies have a special responsibility to manage the living area given to them in an environmentally sustainable, responsible, and efficient manner. On the other hand, few other industries are as directly and heavily reliant on the evolution of climatic and weather conditions. Effectiveness here refers to the ability to operate steadily and efficiently within a given time limit. Today's agricultural and forestry employ multifunctional large-scale equipment in a wide range of working situations, requiring the highest levels of dependability, durability, and economy. This sense of duty must be shared by all suppliers.

We live up to it

  • with inexpensive standard products of the best quality and well-known certified suppliers
  • with fast availability even with large purchase quantities
  • with customized solution concepts
Application examples
Problem Combination of several hydraulic functions in one compact block
Framework Conditions Customer specification Pmax/ Qnenn, function sequences
Solution Concept Special block according to customer installation space
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Mechanical/plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is the backbone of our economy, and it has enormous potential in many fields of technology as an innovative branch of industry. Germany produces every tenth machine and plant product in the world, accounting for about 16 percent of global machine exports due to its large export share. Germany is the world's third-largest plant and machine manufacturer, after China and the United States.

For many years we have been a competent, reliable and flexible partner for this image-boosting industry. In order to be permanently successful in this dynamic environment, we cover all important aspects. These include :

  • Compliance with specific legal bases (e.g. Machinery Directives);
  • High innovative strength through intensive cooperation with well-known technology leaders within our pool of suppliers;
  • Support for specific documentation requirements in quality control;
Application example (seals)
Problem Sealing rotary indexing table against internal and external fluids (oil/cooling lubricant) (series production)
Framework Conditions Unpressurized/ installation position vertical/ installation space
Solution Concept Indexing plate seal (special profile) made of HPU
Application example (hydraulics)
Problem Lifting platform unit independent of installation position
Framework Conditions Installation space/ compact design/ suction line specification/ target price fixing/ delivery obligation/ spare parts and documentation obligation/ vibration and noise level specification
Solution Concept Development and special design of a compact unit using standard components, engine modification to reduce noise with manufacturer/mix of suppliers/large purchase quantities
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Transport and logistics

Transportatio n and logistics are major elements of global networking. They are the process elements that have a substantial impact on time dependencies in regional and global manufacturing and trade networks. Because time is money and safety and reliability are critical, environmental protection and risk management are becoming increasingly crucial, necessitating the most advanced functionality of the vehicle fleet and associated technology. We recognize the importance of this business for a well- functioning economy and have been competently and reliably meeting the unique needs in the field of transportation and logistics for many years.

We guarantee low downtime and minimal maintenance through

  • Short response times
  • Component high availability
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Tried and proven products and materials
Application examples
Problem Synchronization control for rerailing systems
Framework conditions Control 2 lifting systems synchronously using a hydraulic pump
Solution concept Development of the control and special construction of the prototype for customer-specific components
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sealconcept mobilehydraulik

Mobile hydraulics

Mobile hydraulics is gradually moving into the industrial focus in our modern lives, where mobility and flexibility enable dynamic processes. This necessitates the deployment of location- independent power machines. Due to the obvious limited space in vehicles and machinery, machine components must be more compact in design - without sacrificing performance or safety. The provider must be well informed with the specific needs and safety regulations in order to reliably serve this creative, future- oriented area. This is the only method to ensure that every component of modern mobile hydraulics meets strict requirements. Customer- specific requirements necessitate optimum agility and adaptability.

This is how we meet this high standard:

  • Our experienced designers will work with you to develop the optimal solution concepts for your needs;
  • We supply patented safety components, e.g. for pipe rupture protection;
  • Hydraulic components are tested on our in-house test benches before being delivered, each based on your need profile. This is how we ensure that your process parameters are perfectly aligned;
  • We offer maximum delivery flexibility through high stock availability and a wide range of products.
Application examples (seals)
Problem Sealing a bearing shaft against environmental influences (earth, sand, water, ...) - increasing the service life
Framework conditions P: 15bar/ T: 30°C/ 120 U/min/ Medium Schmutz, Wasser
Solution concept Change in profile geometry and material (Red Super Polymer)
Application examples (hydraulics)
Problem Replacement/replacement of a drum ram control to a pressure sequence control on a paving machine
Framework conditions Installation space limitation / weight optimization / connection specification / component positioning according to customer requirements
Solution concept Change in profile geometry and material (Red Super Polymer)
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